Off to a Great Start


January 1st couldn’t come fast enough for me this year. But not because I was necessarily excited for the beginning of a New Year. I love the fresh start feeling I get on January 1st but this year for Eythan and I, January 1st meant the day we get our new apartment!

Since this past August, when we got married, we haven’t even lived alone. Shortly after we got married we had plans to go to Arizona for a month so I could start a new treatment. When I go to Arizona we stay with the Katzenbacks, Gayle Katzenback is another patient at the clinic with me and has become a good friend. I greatly appreciate all  they have done for Eythan and I. They’ve been a huge help and great resource for us. Yet, even though they helped us out so much, we were still living with other people who we’ve never lived with before while also getting used to the idea of just living with each other! In the mean time at home, we moved all of our belongings to Vance and Cindy’s (Eythan’s parents) house in Sault Ste. Marie. This past September we had no clue what we would be doing in the coming months. We didn’t have a place to call our own, work was unsure for Eythan, I started going to Arizona for treatment and didn’t know how long we’d be there for, all the while being newly married and completely unsure of what the near future would bring.

At Farmer Bob’s picking out pumpkins

In October while Eythan and I returned home for Thanksgiving, Eythan secured a job in Sudbury (where I’m from). We would have to start looking for a place to live in Sudbury. Eythan insisted on getting a pet friendly place which didn’t make a lot of sense since we didn’t have any pets. I very soon found out the reason for why Eythan wanted a pet friendly place! Lacey was my early Christmas present from Eythan. I’ve seen so many memes over the month of December saying things like, “Well, none of my presents have barked yet, so that’s disappointing.”, but my present did bark this year! I absolutely love dogs and I’ve grown up always having a dog. Our little family feels so much more complete with Lacey. But although she completes the family and whatever, she also made our housing options much more limited. However, we did find a place that Eythan and I both loved.

Lacey the week we got her

Now we just had to wait a month and a half until January 1st to move in and finally have a place to call our own. After Thanksgiving Eythan and I returned to Arizona. Eythan stayed for the first 3 weeks but returned home to work and take care of Lacey. I stayed 6 weeks. The last 3 weeks of my stay there I just couldn’t stop thinking about our apartment! How I was going to arrange the furniture, what things I would need to get, looking up “small space hacks” on Pinterest, I was just so excited!

Our empty place

After Christmas we packed up all of our things from Vance and Cindy’s house, loaded it into a trailer and moved to it Sudbury with my Dad’s help.

Now as I write this, I’m sitting in my new living room, on my own couch, sipping coffee out of my own mug placed on my own coaster, made from my own coffee maker. While my dog sleeps on my own carpet on the floor… of the place where I live… on my own with my husband! These are all normal things that all newly weds get to experience but they usually experience that very shortly after marriage, not 4 months in! But, none the less, 4 months after marrying the love of my life, we got to officially move in to our first place together! Making my own coffee is not that joyful a task, however, today as I made the coffee I couldn’t stop thanking the Lord for blessing us with this place. Our home. I am so joyful today! I have no clue what the next few months will look like but for now, as least for the next few weeks before I go back to Arizona, I can enjoy making coffee, and organizing my new home, and making dinner for my husband, and making our place homey. I absolutely love our little apartment.

We were actually able to unload our things into the new place on December 30th. ***Shout out to my dad and Serena and Braden Reimer for helping us move in! I had so much fun that day! I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did when the elevator door wouldn’t stay open and kept crushing Serena. HAHA

Braden, Serena, me and Eythan after unloading the trailer

So, come January 1st my husband and I had a lazy day in our new home. It was the perfect day. We played a game of cribbage, played a couple games of Catan, listened to music, had my dad over for dinner and went to bed. We enjoyed each other’s company, and rested. I’m so excited to begin to transform our space into our own. It’s kind of funny right now because we have beautiful new couches and coffee table and then an old vintage dining table and chairs from the 70’s. Not the perfect match but its ours and it’s awesome!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of the new year and work and life and not be joyful. Someone looking into my life might just see a cancer patient who is also a young wife and has no clue what she’s doing, which is completely true. Life is crazy and overwhelming and sometimes scary and depressing, but if you have no joy then that’s all your life will ever be…crazy, overwhelming, scary, depressing and lonely. Jesus gives me a reason to be joyful. He loves me. Just that overwhelms me with joy! The blessings that he has put in my life gives me joy and with him I know that I’m not alone. It’s sometimes really hard to find true joy but today, sitting in my new apartment, at home with my dog, I am truly joyful.

This mornings coffee ft. Lacey

Proverbs 17:22 (ESV)

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.