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Moving Up

In January my husband, Eythan, and I moved into a bright, little apartment downtown Sudbury. We were so excited to finally have somewhere to call home that was our own. When we got married last August, we went straight to Arizona for my cancer treatment and spent most of the fall months living in Airbnb’s with a couple other patients. So, to have our own space was amazing! We chose the apartment we did because it was central and pet friendly which was important as our Lacey was just a little puppy. We would have been fine to stay there long term, however, we didn’t… and moved into a HOUSE!

The view from our downtown apartment

To make a long story short, Peter is my Dad’s friend and has been like an uncle to my sister and I ever since I could remember. A house that he was renting out became vacant and offered it to Eythan and I to rent! We were so ecstatic we immediately agreed. This all happened directly following my last Arizona trip which was mid/late February. The house was available for the beginning of April so we had a month to pack and move. And although we were beyond excited to move into a house, my health wasn’t improving.

In March I made two trips into emerge due to pain, so you can bet that I wasn’t too enthusiastic about packing up our little place. I actually started packing March 28th and we were scheduled to move March 30th. I had been feeling terrible, super lethargic, I had a lot of nausea and relied on my heat pack and strong drugs for pain relief. Thank goodness our apartment was so small since it didn’t take too long to pack everything up. I also had my mom’s help which made a big difference. I was just praying I’d feel good for moving day, I didn’t want to have to lay in bed on such an exciting day.

Me on moving day feeling amazing!

On March 30th, I woke up for the first time in a long while with no pain at all. I wasn’t nauseous, I felt energetic and full of excitement! Thank you Jesus! That morning Eythan and I still had things that had to get packed up while we waited for his parents and brother to drive here from the Sault to help out. With the help of our professional moving crew (which consisted of Eythan’s parents, my parents, Eythan’s brother Devyn and ourselves), we had our whole apartment emptied and spotless in less than two hours. Saying goodbye to that apartment was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m a very nostalgic person but let’s just say that I will not miss our first home. It was great for the time being but it was a happy goodbye.

Our new house is in Dowling which is about 30 minutes outside of Sudbury and very close to where my parents live. Once we got to the house on moving day, I couldn’t help but being a little giddy. Our moving crew had everything in the house in no time! Definitely one of the best days in the books. I’m so thankful to have had our family help us out.

Our moving crew!**from left to right (me, Eythan, my dad Aaron, my mom Sherie, Eythan’s mom Cindy, Eythan’s dad Vance, Devyn)

I’m going to say something very important… DON’T EVER TAKE DISHWASHERS FOR GRANTED!  I have never been happier to load up a dishwasher in my life. The things I took for granted when I lived at home with my parents became so evident when I began apartment living. You wouldn’t believe how much a dishwasher has improved our marriage as we didn’t have one in the apartment! Haha Joking aside we really did take little things like that for granted and once we moved into the house we felt so thankful. In the new house we have a dishwasher, laundry machine and dryer, two fireplaces, two bathrooms, and even a beautiful sauna! Being able to have our own laundry machine is a game changer! And let me tell you how nice it is when your 60 lbs German shepherd puppy has to pee or just wants to run around outside and all you have to do is open the door (ONE DOOR!) to let her out. Beats being dragged down the street while said dog finds the perfect potty spot any day.

Lacey enjoying her new house

Eythan and I quickly and happily adjusted to house living. Aside from putting up some wall hangings and getting rid of a few boxes we’re completely unpacked and settled in. The day we moved I felt absolutely fantastic and that has thankfully lasted for over a week now! Just to put things into perspective, I haven’t had 3 consecutive good days since October and now I’ve had 10 consecutive days of energy and little to no pain!

In the last year, Eythan has moved 5 times! 5 different places to call home and that doesn’t even include the different houses we lived in in Arizona. We are so happy to finally be settled into a place where we truly feel at home. We both feel like we can be in this house long term and is the best feeling in the world. Lacey is loving her life too! We have a wireless fence system at the house so she has the freedom to run around the yard and play as she wishes. Altogether we are so happy and so blessed. God is good!

Eythan and I



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