Just Reminiscing

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a blog, but, basically I got home from Arizona on February 16th. We went out to camp with my parents and dogs for family day weekend which was really nice. I was sick with what seemed to be the flu for a day last week, Lacey got spayed, I had a CT scan (waiting on the results) and then we went to Eythan’s parents house in the Sault to visit everyone there. I got to see my best friends on Sunday night and then this week I’ve been in a lot of pain.

So, I’ve had a very nice time home so far but I’ve been dealing with pain the last few days which has had me spending my days in bed, drugged with pain meds and just getting up to heat up my heat pack every so often.

However, today I’m feeling a little better which is very good! Eythan has been home with me the past few days since the Lively Athletic Centre where he works hasn’t opened yet (by the end of this week it will be!). So thankfully I’ve had someone home with me while feeling so gross. This morning once he left to go help out with last minute things at the gym, I let Lacey out and didn’t even realize it was snowing until I stepped foot outside! It’s beautiful outside today! I’m someone who actually likes winter quite a lot so I’m sorry if you hate it and are miserable today because of the snow. But I for one LOVE it.

Winter used to be my favourite season. I loved everything the winter months had to offer. The hockey season was throughout winter and I loved being on the ice. When its grey out and the sun is hiding behind a bunch of clouds, its still super bright outside because of the snow on the ground! And camp with my family was so much fun in the winter.

When I was a younger kid before my sister and I joined hockey, every single weekend was spent at our camp. Every Friday after school my mom would pack up all the food we would need for the weekend and we would head off to camp. Our camp has road access so if the road was plowed we could just pull up to our camp and unpack everything from there. If not then we would have to park at the landing and unload all of our stuff into the sleigh, put all our snowmobile gear on and then Vangie and I would wait in the warm truck while my dad unloaded and readied the snowmobiles. We would ride 5 minutes over the frozen lake and arrive at camp. Dad would light a fire in our wood stove and Mom would get supper going. Vangie and I would huddle up by the wood stove and play a board game or cards or, if we weren’t very lucky, we’d have to help my dad haul in buckets of water from the frozen lake into the camp.


These weekends were the best! Vangie and I would play in the snow all day! There’s this rock beside our camp that’s pretty big and when we were younger jumping off of that rock into the fresh powder below was the highlight of the day. We’d climb up and jump off and invent games that would keep us going for hours. We also loved sliding! We had a few GTs, some crazy carpets and 2 ‘good’ sleds that we would haul around with us as we went off looking for a hill to slide down. Once we got older and all the hills we used to frequent became lame, we would tie the GT or flat sled to one of the snowmobiles and we’d take turns pulling each other behind it on the ice. This was so fun! We would compete to see who could send the other flying off the sled the most amount of times. We’d whip each other around so much! I remember this one day, Vangie was driving the snowmobile and managed to send me flying off the sled every 15 seconds! I was so frustrated but of course Vangie thought it was absolutely hilarious to watch me roll on the snow covered ice like a rag doll. It made for some good laughs.



On some of the weekends we would be able to bring a friend alone with us. I remember this one weekend at camp when I brought my friend Serena out. It had been snowing like crazy all winter and the ice and snow was piled up on our front deck so much that we could barely get into the door. Rather than spending all day chiseling the ice with a shovel, my dad decided to just chainsaw all the ice into pieces. We loved this idea. Serena, Vangie and I took all the pieces and made an epic snow fort/igloo. We spent all weekend perfecting it.



Winter weekends at camp would also include long snowmobile rides and hot chocolate, snowball fights and wet snowsuits. My parents also taught Vangie and I how to play Euchre at a young age so we would often play a few games to end the day (Euchre is a card game, but it takes quite a long time to learn and get the hang of). My dad and I were always partners and my mom and sister would team up. We almost always lost. But we usually won when there was a bet in place like, losers make breakfast in the morning. We won when It mattered!

2011&2013 Pictures 1444

These are some of my favourite memories, the weekends spent at camp with my family. I still do love winter but it is these memories that make it so great to me. I’ll always cherish them.


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